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Ho-oh, the Sacred bird by reika-world

Wow! This is a very nice piece. I've never seen a pose like this for a Ho-Oh before...The only thing I have a problem with is the white...


Yoton no Rudolph

Chapter 4

(Before I continue, I'd like to say that "Lava release: Lava geyser" mentioned last chapter was removed from the "Lava release" official technique list, as was lava release:lava globs)

For some reason, Rudolph awoke feeling refreshed the next morning instead of drained as he usually did after training with Son Goku. Rudolph stood, rubbing the magatama on his neck and reflected on the techniques he learned.

*Earth release shadow clone

*Earth release: earth style wall

*Earth release: earth and stone dragon

*Fire release: Great Fireball technique

*Fire release: Phoenix sage fire

*Lava release: scorching steam rock technique-which Rudolph had been training to learn by using "Lava globs"

*Lava release: melting apparition technique

*Lava release: rubber rope (one never knows when they'll need a rope)

Next to Rudolph's mind came the techniques he could only use working with Son Goku,

*Lava release chakra mode

*Chakra cloak(s)

*Monkey flame arson

*Tailed beast ball

*Flower-fruit mountain

and finally, Rudolph's trump....

Thanks to his partnership with Son Goku, he could

*Transform into Son Goku

Rudolph smiled as he thought of Son Goku's tails. There was this weird and slightly painful sensation before Rudolph looked back to see one of Son Goku's tails replacing his own. Letting out a whoop of joy, he ran to his father (Blitzen) with his "new tail" wagging in excitement.

"Hey dad! Look what I can do!" He shouted, waving his tail.  Blitzen spat out his drink as his eyes widened before Son Goku's tail seemed to shrink and pull into Rudolph, leaving his ordinary tail in place.

"Aww...I liked that tail..." Rudolph muttered dejectedly, "I was like Son Goku."

Within Rudolph's mind, Son Goku grinned slightly as he lied down on heated rocks next to a hot spring.

Zoey glanced out her window as she waited for her friend, Rudolph, to pick her up to go to school....although she seriously considered skipping because of yesterday.

Seeing a flash of red, she spotted Rudolph, nose shining brightly, with his father as they approached her home. She glanced at the picture on her wall, of Rudoloh smiling brightly with his red scarf around his neck. Her parents had her befriend him before they could properly speak as fawns-and she couldn't be happier because of it.

When Son Goku revealed himself, she had of course debated telling her parents but decided against it: he was Rudolph's secret to reveal.

"Zoey!" Rudolph shouted, having spotted her in the window before he ran to it.

"Hello Rudolph." She said calmly, smiling, "Anything new?"

This had been something that the two had done ever since Son Goku revealed himself: when Rudolph learned a new technique (if it wasn't too destructive), he would show it to her.

"Yep! My partnership with Son Goku is at it's highest level!" he said, and before Zoey could blink, four red tails belonging to Son Goku were sprouting from Rudolph and he had Son Goku's yellow eyes. "See?"

Zoey's eyes widened at the implication. "You can transform...into Son Goku?!" She whispered as Rudolph retracted his tails and returned his eyes to their original (and, in her opinion, lovely) brown.

Rudolph smiled and nodded.

School-Rudolph decided-was utterly something to dread. With most of the other students mocking him constantly, he'd rather be at home. His only reprieves were Zoey and that Mrs. Prancer apparently felt sorry for him and treated him like he was a normal buck.

Going over material he knew, however, was boring. Sometimes Rudolph found himself talking to Son Goku-spacing out in the process. Zoey would nudge him before the teacher asked him a question, thankfully saving him from any embarrassing situations.  When the bell rang for school to end, it wasn't soon enough in Rudolph's opinion.

"So Rudolph, where to today?" Zoey asked. This was something they would do as well, they would find places to go to and go there together. They each took turn choosing places to go to and Zoey inwardly cheered at each "Date" they went on.

Even if Rudolph didn't know he was taking her on dates, she did.

"Well, the repairs on the Reindeer Games Stadium are completed, I was wondering if we could, you know....maybe check out the "Hall of Champions"....if you want to." He asked, looking away with his nose glowing.

"It sounds like a nice idea." Zoey said, glad that he didn't repeat date spots constantly like she heard some older does complain that their buckfriends did. She was also glad that-when he released some of it at school-Son Goku's chakra completely scared off Arrow from getting closer to her. Oh she saw the looks of envy he gave Rudolph because of her.

However, she chose Rudolph over Arrow. She heard some other does crushing on Arrow, however, they couldn't see the self-centeredness he had. Rudolph, on the other hoof, had always given his attention to her on their little outings. He made sure she was comfortable (even if that meant abusing his fire release techniques to clear away excess snow) and safe.

He also seemed to choose nice, cozy, or interesting spots to go to. While she preferred the traditional "dinner dates", Rudolph seemed to be able to find nice picnic spots or tour destinations-including Santa's toy factory. The current destination, she knew, had a connection to his father. She inwardly frowned at the thought of having a flyer for her father....and the face he faced constant discrimination because of his nose.

Upon reaching the stadium and entering the "Hall of Champions", their eyes were drawn to the many trophies in cases on the walls. Suddenly, she heard Rudolph utter the words "Dad never told me...." and she turned to see a gold trophy in a display case with the name "Blitzen" etched into it. She tentatively approached him and pressed her side into his. This brought Rudolph out of his trance and he turned to look at Zoey. At seeing her pressed into his side, his nose started to glow as he smiled slightly.

"You know, if you keep that up, you'll be more than my best friend..." Rudolph said with a blush.

"Oh? And if that was my plan?" Zoey asked, pressing into his side harder.

"Than I'd be the luckiest buck alive to even be considered to be your buckfriend." He replied, his face and expression serious.

Zoey was slightly taken aback at how serious he was talking about lucky to even be considered to be a he was a step to a goal. Zoey frowned at this, he didn't know he was the goal.

"Only if you'll call me your doefriend." Zoey responded with the same seriousness he had, before grins broke out on both their faces.

Rudolph turned towards her and bowed slightly, "Than I give my word to always look after you as your buckfriend. Sage's honor."

Now it was Zoey's turn to blush. "Well you don't have to make that vow to me. I'm still your best friend, even if I'm your doefriend. I've known you long enough to know your personality....although the last two words are new to me. Sage's honor?"

"It's after Son Goku and his father figure. The Son in Son Goku is a priestly name in some religions and his father figure was called the Sage of the Six Paths. This is the second time I've used the Sage's honor vow." Rudolph explained.

"When was the first time?" Zoey asked as the new couple turned to head home.

"Right before Son Goku taught me how to transform into him....when I promised to release him from within me when the time came for him to go home." Rudolph said.

This caused Zoey to pause. "But...won't you lose some of your strongest abilities then? That 'tailed beast ball' or 'monkey arson flame'? The lava chakra cloak? Even....the transformation..." She whispered the last part.

"I'll still have the earth, fire, and lava techniques I can use without his help." Rudolph said, " could I ever be a flier....if I wouldn't help a friend?"

Chapter end
Yoton no Rudolph: ch 4
The series continues!

So the Naruto manga has ended........

I just wish Kishimoto put as much development into the pairings as he did into the war!

My ipod had to reset itself after freezing, and now it wants me to re-set it up. Not a problem, except that it wants me to sync with my itunes....AND WON'T PROCEED AFTER I SYNC IT! 
Okay. I've seen someone on this site add YouTube clips to-basically-text-that he put on this site.

I'm thinking of doing this for the "Doctor Ross" series.

The only question
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