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Ho-oh, the Sacred bird by reika-world

Wow! This is a very nice piece. I've never seen a pose like this for a Ho-Oh before...The only thing I have a problem with is the white...



My ipod had to reset itself after freezing, and now it wants me to re-set it up. Not a problem, except that it wants me to sync with my itunes....AND WON'T PROCEED AFTER I SYNC IT! 

In a flash of blue light, the Honchkrow, Leafeon, Infernape, human, and altered Raichu appeared in the middle of the ranch, shocking the other Pokemon. "What?! How? Teleport?!" Elesa asked, gaping at Ross.

"No. This is the Ultimate Power of Chaos Control....the power to control Space and Time itself." Ross said, keeping his eyes closed. After he said that, a fur-covered body leaned against him and he opened his ees and gazed into Saria's eyes.

"(Ross? You're alive?!)" Napoleon said.

"(The only survivor of Project SHADOW. A Project to create the Ultimate Pokemon.)" Ross said, clenching his fist.

"(Ultimate....Pokemon? Really?)" Napoleon said, raising an eyebrow.

"(A Pokemon that is able to fight the Legendary Pokemon.)" Ross said, before glancing at Elesa. "Master. You did want a Zapdos...right? I can battle it for you." He said.

"(Only if you can" Napoleon said, smirking at Ross.

Ross shrugged his shoulders and smirked at Napoleon, confusing the Floatzel.

'(Wasn't Ross...afraid of me?)' Napoleon thought.

" will feel the Ultimate Power of Chaos Control." Ross said, holding his fists up.

Ross vs Napoleon music

Napoleon charged at Ross using his Aqua Jet to launch at the Raichu.

"Chaos....Control!" Ross said, vanishing before the Aqua Jet landed. Napoleon crashed face-first into the ground.

"Chaso......SPEAR!" Ross had reappeared behind Napoleon and launched golden spearheads of electrified energy at him. Napoleon jumped up, and the Chaos Spears hit the ground, letting out small explosions that threw Napoleon off-balance.

"Chaos...Snap!" With that Ross vanished......

Only to reappear right in front of Napoleon and he delivered an Iron Tail attack across Napoleon's face, hard enough to knock Napoleon down to his side.

"(Ross is...beating Napoleon?!)" Saria said. "(Ross is finally standing up for himself...after he shows that he's not afraid of Napoleon he'll come and sweep me off my feet...and then....)" she let out an excited squeal.

"(Surf!)" Napoleon said, letting out a powerful wall of water.

Ross glared at the wall of water, before a confident smirk crossed his face and his "quills", eyes, and tail started to glow red.

Ross ran straight at the water and crossed his arms. "CHAOS.......BLAST!" With that, a red orb surrounded him and expanded, obliterating everything it touched.

It also evaporated a large portion of the water, leaving only two seperate ends that harmlessly past Ross. He glanced at the floatzel and smirked.

"(Ready to give up?)" Ross asked.

"(Never!)" Napoleon said, his pride making him refuse to give in. "(Now...ICE PUNCH!)" Napoleon charged with an ice-covered fist.

"Chaos Control!" Ross yelled, vanishing.

Before Napoleon could react, an Iron Tail hit the back of his head and slammed him into the ground.

"I was created to battle the Legendaries....I have not even touched the full potential of my power. You see these rings on my wrists?" Ross asked, holding up his hands. When Napoleon nodded numbly, Ross smirked.

"These are Inhibitor Rings, they hold back my power output." Ross said, making everyone's eyes widen.

"(What?!)" Napoleon said in shock. His opponent was holding back?

"Now...if I were to remove them..." Ross said, placing a hand on a ring, which glowed and slipped off his wrist onto the ground. He repeated the action with the other Inhibitor Ring and everyone was shocked at what happened next.

Both of Ross's eyes became completely green, with sparks of green electricity emitting from outside corners of his eyes. A green glow surrounded his hands and a yellow aura surrounded him, before launching up into the sky, cracking the ground underneath him.


A figure stood on a hill overlooking the ranch. He had yellow shoes, red fur, and purple eyes.

His name was Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of the Master Emerald.

"I can sense....Chaos energy...." He said. "Time to investigate!"

With that, he dove beneath the ground.


Napoleon was blown back upon the force of the energy output from the raichu.

"(What?!)" Napoleon said, before he saw a yellow blur appeared in front of his eyes and everything went black.

Ross smirked and put on his Inhibitor Rings as his glowing vanished. "Now...that was just a glimpse of my power." Ross said, turning away from his unconscious opponent.

Tobi's Random doom

Chapter 10: Secret Power-Magnet Release?!

(sorry this chapter took so long to write)

Ross sat next to Tobi and stared at him with an emotionless expression on his face. Saria was next to him, rubbing his paw with her own and staring at Tobi with a look of utter confusion on her face.

"(What did you say?)" Saria asked.

"Tobi said that the ability to control the sand is from the rare kekkei genkai-or bloodline ability-called Magnet Release" The masked ninja said.

"(Magnet...Release)" Ross said, testing the words coming out of his mouth.

Ross's paw became covered in chakra and he held it out to his side.

There was a yelp and before he could blink, Vincent was stuck against his paw.

"(Not again....)" Vincent said, "(I thought this was only an issue with magnetons and Master's Probopass!)"


"(This is so cool!)" Saria said, her dark-ringed eyes watching the sand as she moved the sand to her will. "(Magnet Release huh?)"

"(It might be because that we're using our chakra to manipulate the metallic elements within our sand)" Ross said, glancing at Matthew, who was rubbing the necklace he was wearing before closing his eyes.

"(Ross? What are you doing?)" Saria asked, before a blinding cloak of chakra literally burst from him. It was a yellow-white in color and two spikes protruded from his forehead-like horns. The former seal that held Shukaku became pitch-black and was easily visible against his body.

"(What?!)" She yelled, jumping back.

"(This is...Shukaku's chakra.)" Ross said, opening his eyes, revealing the golden eyes of Shukaku. "(However, I managed to turn it into a cloak of somekind instead of becoming Shukaku)" Ross said, as the chakra suddenly faded, and he was panting from the exertion.

(short chapter for tonight!)
Doctor Ross previews…

Okay. I may not have full "episodes" ready, but I thought-for my birthday gift to you all-I'd show pieces that ARE ready.

The Sound of Drums

The elected leaders of Sinnoh and the mayor's pokemon-a sneasal with grey eyes-sat on a table. Glancing at a clock, the sneasal pulled a gas mask and pulled it over his mouth.

"Wait. Why is he doing that?" An official asked and the sneasal pulled the mask off and responded "It's for the gas" before pulling it back on.

Before anyone else could respond, grey sections of the table suddenly lifted out spilling out a foul, grey gas. As everyone collapsed and died, the only one unaffected was the sneasel, tapping out a four rhythem beat on the table.

unknown episode

"Doctor Ross" spotted a jar of peanut butter on the table and stuck his fingers into it and started to lick them off.

"(Uh-uh!)"  Saria scolded him-seriously...for being over 900 years old he could be such a child!

Gazing to either side of him, he quietly slid the still-open peanut butter jar behind his back.

The Satan Pit

The strange creature's voice echoed through everyone's mind as the raichu glared down at the deep pit.

"I know him as he knows me in time-the killer of his own kind."

"(Killer....of his own kind?....Ross?)" Saria asked.

The End of Time,

"You just had to get stuck in there!" Ross  growled out, gazing at the glass contraption. It had two entrances, and one side only opened when the other locked shut.

"The radioactive core is breaking down...soon, it'll let loose thousands of rads of radiation...." With that, "Doctor Ross" pulled out his sonic screwdriver. "Even using this will set it off."

"Oh...." Scratch said, starting to realize how much trouble he was in.

"IT'S NOT FAIR! I COULD DO SO MUCH MORE!" The raichu shouted, tears forming in his eyes as he slammed a fist into a table.

"(Ross....)" Saria said, tentatively approaching him.

"We'll find a way" Elisa said, gazing over the device.

"No! No one is going to die!" the raichu said, "Scratch, on my mark, run!"

With that he pulled over the other door and pressed a button, releasing Scratch who ran out and turned around.

A red light suddenly lit up inside Ross's section as unbelievable amounts of radiation flooded his small canister. A terrible scream ripped from his mouth of unbearable pain, as he fell and curled into a ball.

Without warning, the lights suddenly shut off and the raichu stood up and pressed on the door, which opened.

"Oh now it opens..." He muttered with a small cough.

"What?! What was that?!" Elisa asked.

"I-I absorbed the radiation." Ross said.

"( least you get some cool scars!)" Scratch said, pointing at the deep scratches on his face.

Ross put his hands on his face and pulled down-the scars vanishing.

"Wha?! How'd you do that?!" Elisa asked, and Ross gazed at his paws.

"It's starting." Was all he said and everyone teared up.

"(No big brother! I don't want you to change! You're the most wonderful Pokemon on the planet please....don't change...)" Scratch cried out, hugging him.


Ross gazed down at the controls of the TARDIS and then turned around and gazed at the door before uttering his last words as a raichu.

"I don't want to go."

Without warning, his paws and face started glowing with a bright gold light, which soon covered his entire body. Flinging his head upwards and arms out, the light blasted out-becoming fire that blasted the windows of the TARDIS out. Sections started to collapse under the strain of the powerful regeneration.

Flashes started to be seen through the light as the voice of the scream changed becoming...younger. With an abrupt halt, the light faded leaving an emolga where the raichu stood.

"Legs! I've still got legs!" He said, pulling on his legs.

"Eyes. Two. Nose....had worse. Chin....blimey! Arms, hands fur-warm fingers." then his hands went to the scruff at the base of his neck.

".....I'm a girl!" before his hands went to check his throat. "No....Not a girl...."

Then he pulled sections of fur in his line of vision. "And...and STILL NOT GINGER!"

The Eleventh Hour

The young eevee stared in wonder as the blue Police Box-still smoking-had apparently crash-landed in her yard after making a wish.

Suddenly an emolga's head popped out of it. "Hello!" He said, before hopping out of it.

"(Who are you?)" The eevee asked, staring at him.

"I don't know. I'm still cooking." He replied.

"Can I have an apple? That's all I can think about...apples....that's odd. Never had cravings before." He said.

Inside the building, the eevee got Ross a gleaming yellow apple.

"Thanks." He said, taking a bite....

and promptly spit it out.

"That disgusting! What is that?!" He said.

"An apple." The eevee said.

"Apples are rubbish. I hate apples."

The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe

"Are you okay?" The human asked as she knelt down.

"I'm fine." Ross's muffled voice called out.

"....How'd you put on your space-suit backwards?" She asked.

"I got dressed in a hurry." Ross said.


"Okay!" The talking emolga (Ross) said, taking the human mother and her two children on a tour of their new house. "Next there's the sitting room...just chairs...kind of useless without a television so I...fixed it up a bit."

The lounge chairs were moving sporadically across the floor.

"Next! Kitchen! We've got three faucets! One for hot, one for cold, and one for lemonade."

"Wait. Lemonade?!" the mother asked.

"I know!" Ross said, sounding proud of himself.

The Day of the Doctor

"Well it's very Timey-Wimey." the emolga said, quoting a very thing the raichu said.

"Timey-Wimey?!" The kadabra asked.

"I-I have no idea where he gets those things" the raichu said, suddenly looking uncomfortable.
Okay. I've seen someone on this site add YouTube clips to-basically-text-that he put on this site.

I'm thinking of doing this for the "Doctor Ross" series.

The only question
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