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Okay. I was looking up swordsmanship videos for Naruto Doom when I found videos from a video game series I personally have never played: Final Fantasy (dodges brick). This fact I've never played it is due to not having the systems when they came out. 

I found the story of a villain from the series. One who is said to be the embodiment of darkness.

Backstory of the character:

This man was taken from his mother before she could even HOLD him, he is handed off to Shinra scientists to become their weapon. He is merged perfectly with cells of a being/creature called JENOVA (A shape shifter with god-like power). In his early teens, he is enlisted in the military and joins the brutal Wutai War. This man's strength was unrivaled, speed impossible, skin nearly bulletproof. He takes out THOUSANDS of people during the war, most of which were civilians. After the war, he remains in the military.

On a chilly September, he departs for his final mission. Nibelheim. An outbreak of monsters have occurred and he is sent to destroy them and destroy the source of the monsters. He is accompanied by three soldiers; Zach and Cloud Strife being the two notable ones. Climbing the mountain, he finds a chamber filled with pods; each one holding a mutated human. In the middle there is a single tall pod labeled JENOVA. This man believed his mother was named JENOVA, which is what he was told by Shinra. 

The thought of coming from a tank as nothing more than a weapon ENRAGES him. He goes to a Shinra manor in Nibelheim and goes to the basement; which holds a research center. Staying up for 72 hours straight, he reads and discovers that he IS an experiment. It is now October 1st, and he is ready for revenge.

He sets Nibelheim ablaze and begins a long trek up to the reactor he visited earlier in his mission to free his "Mother". Chasing him up is Tifa, her father, Zack, and Cloud. Tifa's father stands against him and is easily cut down. He easily disarms Tifa, cuts her down, and casts her aside. Zack then confronts him, and is easily cut down and tossed from the chamber. Cloud picks up Zack's Buster Sword and impales him from behind.

Cloud leaves to check on Tifa, when he emerges clutching his "mother's" severed head. He impales Cloud with his sword; a largely elongated katana called Masamune. However, Cloud grabs the blade and lifts him, and tosses him into the reactor below.

He dies, clutching his "mother's" head. JENOVA, the shape shifter,  completely takes on his form and continues to carry out its mission of genocide on a global scale to create itself into a god-like form and turn life itself into a weapon.

The name of that man was.....Sephiroth.

End backstory 

The song associated with his character is the song for his god-like form Sephiroth/JENOVA takes on in Final Fantasy 7; One-Winged Angel (hence the title). The lyrics are in latin. I will translate each NEW line, as it tend to repeat.

Estauns interius Ira veheminti (Burning inside with violent anger)


Sors immanis et inanis (Fate monstr'ous and empty)

Veni, Veni, Venias, Ne me mori facias (Come, come, O come, do not let me die)

Gloriosa, Generosa, Gloriosa, Generosa (Glorious, Noble, Glorious, Noble)

Sephiroth has also appeared in BOTH Kingdom Hearts games, with a new costume for the second game, (created for Disney....who has NOTHING to do with Final Fantasy!) as a secret boss. Both battles in Kingdom Hearts One and Two unlock new (or parts of) Keyblades. The coolest is definitely the reward for KH 1 battle (the harder one due to slower reactions, being in a more enclosed space, and the reach of Sephiroth's weapon), the keyblade One-Winged Angel. 

This keyblade is designed after his sword, Masamune, the token (symbol) hanging from a chain from the hilt is shaped like Sephiroth's wing and the teeth being designed to look like a flaming meteor. As a reference for the Nibelheim incident, whenever One-Winged Angel is swung it is completely engulfed in flames. 

When fighting Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2, a remix of his theme; One-Winged Angel, is played in the background. The song (and costume) is below this sentence.

Fun fact: Sephiroth's Japanese name is Sefirosu...and we know from Naruto Doom that Rosu means Ross....

One-Winged Raichu

Chapter 1: Revival of the Executioner. 

Ross shivered as he felt every muscle scream in protest as he continued to lift rocks to grow stronger. He felt like he had to impress Saria to gain her love....well...that's what Napoleon had hinted at.

But....there was a reason he was so timid...

There was a great deal of stress when he was in his egg, taken from his mother and father (the latter of which was Lt. Surge's Raichu) and exposed to a DNA injected through the egg. 

Before the experiments could continue, he was rescued by Lt. Surge and sent to Elisa; hatching while being sent. 

He could still hear a man's dark whisper deep in his mind. A voice telling him to become, for the lack of a better word, a God. This voice terrified him, almost as much as the part of him that liked that idea. To avoid this, he restricted his strength; even keeping his electrical stores low.

Setting the rock down, he panted and wiped the sweat from his brow. While he knew that he could grow stronger by reducing his self-induced limit; he dared not tap into those stores in fear of giving that man...or whatever that voice came from....a foothold into his body.

Little did he know, by shoving his dark emotions deep inside and locking them away, he was feeding that it even more strength.

"(Hi Ross!)" A cheerful voice said, and Ross looked up to see a Saria smiling at him. A smile spread across his face and the voice quieted. 

"(Hello Saria.)" Ross said, his cheeks starting to turn red and he nervously started twitching his tail. 

"(What are you doing out here?)" She asked, looking at the rocks stacked in the field.

"(I'm training.)" He quietly said, gasping when he saw the outline of a man holding a sword behind Saria. He was slowly lifting the blade.

"(That's great Ross! I-)" She started to say, but was cut off when Ross shouted "(Watch out!)" and shoved her, the invisible blade piercing through him.

"(Ross!)" Saria shouted. She could not see any hint of the man or sword, but she could clearly see the hole going through Ross' torso.

"(Get...Help...)" Ross coughed out.

"(On it!)" Saria said, running off towards the house, all the while shouting "(HELP!)" 

Ross was lifted up off the ground by the sword and he was now looking into aqua colored eyes with a cat-like pupil before that monotone voice within his mind spoke from that invisible figure. "(You're mine.)" 

Needless to say, that got a lot of attention. While Danny, Merry, Vincent, Scratch, and Sibelius were known to get into...situations, Saria was not. She was the peacekeeper.

Elisa and her other Pokemon quickly ran to her.

"(My child, what is the problem?)" Matthew said.

"(Ghost!)" she shouted, making the other Pokemon confused "(A ghost stabbed Ross!)" she said, pointing in the direction she came from. She then turned and ran towards Ross and the other's blinked in confusion before following her. When she arrived, Ross was still floating in the air, veins of black energy swirling around him. Ross's eyes were flashing between aqua and green and he spoke in a monotone voice not his own. "(Qui mortem...Invitavis...Ponea....Funesta Natus)"

"(By death's invitation. Painful tainted birth)" Matthew translated, "(It sounds like some kind of chant)" 

"(Who are you? And what are you doing with the runt?)" Napoleon asked, and Ross's pupils became cat-like as the irises turned aqua and he dropped down.

" reborn..." Ross said, glancing at his paws with his aqua eyes with cat-like pupils. His gaze turned to Saria and he clutched his head.

"Love....The light he holds for her..." Ross said, and Saria's jaw dropped.

"(Wait...Whoever is possessing mean...he loves me?)" She said.

"Yes...and now the person you cherish is fading away, his light being smothered by my darkness." Ross said, turning his shoulders. "That foothold on his body that I held has come into use."

"Wait a minute...foothold on his body?" Elisa said.

"Team Galactic heard that Lt. Surge's Raichu had fathered a son, and because of how strong his father was, kidnapped him while he was still in the egg." Ross said, calmly facing them and brushing a stray strand of fur from his face.

"(WHAAAAT?! THAT'S who Ross' father is?!)" Napoleon shouted in disbelief. 

"(Whoa.)" Scratch said, eyes widening. 

"While searching for a way to make a new planet, Team Galactic tried to make Arceus itself appear. However their efforts failed. Instead they found a way to connect to the energy of life itself; the Lifestream. There was a hub were multiple Lifestreams from the different planets connected in Arceus' realm. While they could not enter the realm, in the Lifestream they found the cells of my mother, JENOVA." Ross explained, "And I had fused with my mother so when they started injecting JENOVA cells into Ross while still in his egg, they were starting to

"They...they did WHAT to his egg?!" Elesa and Saria shouted at the same time. To them, it was one of the worst things you could do to a Pokemon; harming them in their egg.

"However, he was rescued by Lt. Surge before the experiments revived me, and Ross hatched when Surge sent Ross to you as a gift after losing your first ranch to fire. But...I had consciousness...I whispered to him in the darkest corners of his mind and soul. However, instead of continuing to revive me, he grew terrified and timid from my voice and trauma suffered from within the egg. He started limiting his power, going as far as keeping his electricity stored in his body low to keep from getting too aggressive." Ross said, before glancing at Napoleon.

"And I have to thank you Napoleon. Your torment of Ross allowed his darkness to fester. But as he was afraid of the unknown I was, he locked it deep, feeding me...strengthening me...but..." With that, he glanced at Saria, "His love for her kept him in the light. His brother and trainer just gave him more of a reason to stay living in the light. Yet, the darkness from each torment grew stronger...I grew stronger...until I could materialize outside of his body as nothing more than a ghost."

"(When he pushed me away, you were going to harm me, weren't you?)" Saria said.

"Kill." Ross said, making the Pokemon step back in shock, "Yet he took the blow, weakening him so that I could complete my revival. Yet...this body...allow me to take my true form."

With that, the veins of darkness towered around him up to the sky, tightening around him like the coils of a snake.  Then, they vanished into the sky, leaving a human male behind. The man had tall black leather boots that went up over the knee held together by brown belts above and below the knee. He had black pants tucked into the boots and a sash around his torso and two black leather belts holding it up crossing over his chest in a "X" shape. Over that all, he had a black leather coat with multiple belt buckles serving as the buttons, and only one buckle over his torso was buckling the two ends together. On the shoulders of the jacket were gray metal plates. He had black gloves and a gray metal ring around each wrist. He had silver hair going down to mid-back with strands of hair framing his face.…

"Who are you?" Elesa asked, tightening her fists at the sight of who possessed her friend.

"I am Sephiroth." The man spoke.

"(But....what about Ross? What did you want so bad to hurt him?!)" Saria all but screamed, tears forming in her eyes. 

"The deaths of the guardians of this planet, their dying thoughts joining the Lifestream, choking this planet in darkness. I will then sail the cosmos with this planet as my vessel....just as my mother did long ago. Then one day we'll find a new planet, and on it's soil create a shining future." Sephiroth said in a calm, monotone voice. 

"But....what about everyone on THIS planet?" Elesa said in shock.

"Their fate depends upon if you can stop me or not." Sephiroth said, holding out his left hand and swiping his right hand across his torso. In a green flash, he had a foot-long katana handle in blue wrappings that had a seven-foot long katana blade coming out from it. "The first to die is that Leafeon. Her death extinguishing the light that Ross held forever. It's time to face....."

With that, he held his right hand up to the sky and the sky was covered in swirling, dark clouds; making their home look like the eye of a hurricane.

"Your executioner." Sephiroth said, holding up his sword; Masamune, and charging at them.

Chapter end.

Next chapter:
 Elesa and her Pokemon vs the One-Winged Angel; Sephiroth! 
One Winged Raichu: Chapter 1
To hear where Sephiroth's goal comes from, watch this >…

Does anyone else think Ross would have a voice like Markiplier's? >…
Okay this is a combination of "Random Doom: What if" (The third installment actually) with an idea from "Random Doom: Unsinkable." HOWEVER....

The ship in question is NOT the Titanic!!! (What?!)

Of course it won't be my favorite ship to research; the Edmund Fitzgerald, as one got off that ship when it went down.

It will be a ship that DID move past the Fitzgerald though. The Carl D. Bradley

This ship was launched on April 9, 1927. This ship held the title of "Queen of the Lakes"; which was reserved for the largest ship on the Great Lakes. She was 639 feet long and 65.2 feet long. She held this title until the Edmund Fitzgerald was launched. The Edmund Fitzgerald than took the title at 729 feet long and 75 feet wide.

The Carl D. Bradley went down in a viscous storm on Lake Michigan on November 18, 1958. Out of a 35 man crew, 2 survived. A third had survived the sinking but died of hypothermia after being rescued. Cause of sinking was determined to be brittle metal. This was a common problem of ships built before 1948.

Now, let's see how this could have affected Ross....and Saria's evolution.

"I'm surprised at how much seamanship is required to sail them. I always thought they were for wussies...that only the oceans were worthy of tough guys like me. But in the ocean there's not much to hit, it mostly requires endurance. These lakes can kick your ass." -Jerry Dennis, The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas.

"(Pokemon Talking)"

Story begin

The air was crisp on this cool, November day. It was early in the morning on the 18th, and Elesa and her Pokemon were Pastoria City. Elesa's best friend; Ross, had just evolved into a Raichu. Saria, her Eevee, sat in admiration of his new form next to him overlooking the water. In the bay looking towards the ocean was a tall, gray ship. This ship had came to a curved point in the front and was sitting high in the water; with red point sitting slightly above the water near the bottom of the ship. There was a stack of white squares at the front with windows, with the front  moving in a slight curve. The third and topmost section had windows all across the front of it with a tall, towering pole on the top of it with wires connecting to a triangular support behind the buildings. On the support was a long crane; currently moved to the left, with a conveyor in it. Below that on the sides were; in black, the words "CARL D. BRADLEY". 

All across the midsection were hatches open leading into the cargo hold, where chutes were lowered from a building and dumping limestone into it. As more limestone was dropped into it, the red section slowly disappeared as the ship started sitting lower and lower in the water. On the back there were two white buildings, similar to the front, but the bottom was taller than the front ones. On top of the top building on the back, there was a smokestack that was completely black except for a thick white stripe in the middle of it with the letter "L" on each side in the white section.

On the back, just over the anchor, were the words "CARL D. BRADLEY" and below that was "PASTORIA CITY, SINNOH".

Carl D. Bradley 3d image

"(Bet you can't climb onto that ship, wimp.)" A rough voice said as Ross turned to see Elesa's Floatzel; Napoleon, standing behind him. Now Napoleon had bullied him since he was a Pichu, so Ross had a fear of the Water-Type.

"(Or...What?)" Ross said, nervously taking a defiant stance. 

"(I'll tell her your feelings)"  Napoleon said, pointing at Saria; who looked confused.

"(I...I'll do it. I don't want to ruin my friendship with her.)" Ross said, glancing at the Eevee with reddened cheeks before running towards the building dumping limestone into the ship.

'Why are his cheeks red? Why is he afraid of ruining our friendship?' Saria thought, 'Wait. Does he Of everyone he could have...he!' She felt herself purring in happiness at that thought.

Ross had made it to the building and was gingerly walking down the sides of the chute; avoiding the roaring limestone.

"(Alright. I'm on!)" Ross said, jumping down and landing to the side of a cargo hatch. He messed with his Focus Sash, rubbing his Trainer's contact number on a side of it. 

"(Too easy. I can get him to do anything!)" Napoleon said, making Saria growl at him. As Napoleon went to open his mouth to call Ross back, the chutes stopped dropping limestone and raised to the sides of the building.

"(Get him back now! I have a bad feeling about this!)" Saria said as people went onto the deck as a machine started carrying large sheets of metal onto the hatches and lowering them into place; and the people would then lift clamps from the sides of the hatches and use them to lock the metal in place.

"What's Ross doing on that ship?" Their trainer asked from behind the Eevee and Floatzel, to which Saria pointed to Napoleon.

"NAPOLEON!" She shouted in a scolding manner, making him wince. 

Then, there was a sound that made their hearts stop. 

A long, loud blast of a ship's horn. 

Ross had hunched over, grabbing his ears as the sound nearly deafened him. As he hunched, the large propeller started turning, kicking up water as the ship started pushing forward. 

"This not good. Ross can't jump off or risk being pulled under by the current created by the propeller!" Elesa said, running towards the building that lowered the limestone onto the ship.

"Now who are you." An young, yet weathered voice said from behind Ross as he reached towards land, desperation in his eyes. 

Reading his focus sash, the man gently rubbed his head. "Got separated, did ya?"

Ross let out a soft sound of sorrow and nodded. The man lifted him up and held him in his arms. "Don't worry buddy, we'll get you home." The man said, walking up a stairway leading to the topmost building on the front of the ship. Entering the room, Ross noticed that the lighting was dimmer than outside, and it was a grayish-blue inside with many instruments and objects in the room with a few people in it at different objects.

"Captain, we've got a stowaway Pokemon that got separated from his trainer in the last port." The man said, making an older man look at him before glancing at the Raichu.

"If I had my way, we would have been to the Battle Area in the Battle Frontier getting our midsection replaced like we were supposed to. Instead we are told to get one last load. We're going to the same destination, but still." The man said, gazing out the window in the front.

"Come in Carl D. Bradley. We've got a Code 21. Over." A voice called over the radio.

The aged man pressed a button on it before speaking. "This is Master Roland Bryan of the Bradley. We've got the Raichu in the pilothouse. Unfortunately we are behind schedule and cannot turn around. Over."

"Affirmative. Where is your next destination? Over."

"Battle Area; Battle Frontier. Unloading limestone and having the cargo hold replaced as we're laid up for winter. Over."

"Roger. We'll get someone to fly her over to Battle Resort. Over."

"Well boy, looks like we'll have a reunion." The man who found them said. 

"Mister Flemming. Keep an eye on him, but let him explore." Roland said.

"Yes sir." Mr. Flemming replied.

The Carl D. Bradley was now past the Pokemon League and Resort area.

"I don't like this." Roland said, watching the seas grow larger and the winds blow fast. Ross turned to look at the midsection and gulped loudly. Tapping Mr. Flemming hard, he started to mutter under his breath. It was currently 5:35 pm.

Mr. Flemming turned to gaze out the back window and gave a loud gasp. 

The back of the ship was sagging, lowering farther down into the water with each lurch.

He yelled out "CAPTAIN! Stern's sagging badly." 

"PUT EVERYTHING TO STOP!" Roland said, as a man moved a lever to "STOP" and the within a few minutes, the engines quieted. Roland went to the radio and pressed a button before shouting "ALL HANDS! ABANDON SHIP!" Within a few minutes of that command, the horn let out a long, continuous blast as people scrambled onto the deck and started attempting to lower the lifeboats in the back. One lifeboat became entangled in the lines as the ship rocked back and forth. The other dangled at an angle impossible to let people onto it.

"Mayday. Mayday. This is freighter Carl D. Bradley. We are breaking apart 15 miles South of Route 230." Roland said, before there was a loud thud and a the ship cleanly ripped in two and the front section lost power. They ran out and set up a life raft in the front section and waited on the slick, icy deck as the two sections started lowering into the water. They tossed the raft over the side and jumped into the water. In the stern of the ship, as it nearly was completely submerged below the water, the boiler exploded, blasting out all of the glass around it in a burst of fire and twisting some beams out of place and flames shot upwards through the smokestack.

Ross, Elmer Flemming, Frank Mays, Gary Strzelecky, and John Foelsonger climbed onto the life raft and watched helplessly as the rest of the crew were tossed about and scattered by the freezing cold waves.

"Mayday. Mayday. This is freighter Carl D. Bradley. We are breaking apart 15 miles South of Route 230." Was broadcast across radios across Sinnoh. This was also the report Elesa and her Pokemon heard while waiting to reunite with Ross in the Battle Area; having been flown their earlier on a private company jet. 

"Ross." Elesa whispered as Saria glared at Napoleon.

"(This is all your fault.)" She growled out, pointing at Napoleon.

"(I can fix this. I'm not going to let Ross die.)" She said, standing up and jumping up into her trainer's arms and jumping onto her shoulder before putting her head in Elesa's bag and pulling out a blue stone with a bubble-like pattern within it.

"Saria. I know you wanted to be a Leafeon to be closer to nature." Elesa said as Saria was enveloped in a white glow.

When the glow died down, in the Eevee's place was a blue Pokemon with purple eyes and fins serving as ears and a fin on her head. A white frill went extended around her neck from behind her head to protect gills on her neck that allowed her to breathe underwater. A long tail that ended with a mermaid-like fin extended behind her.

Without a word, she ran out to a dock and dove into the water, vanishing below the dark waves.

"Good luck, Saria." Elesa said, gazing out to the water while everyone was setting up lights facing the water.

Ross gave a loud gasp as he was thrown out of the life raft with everyone else. They had lost John to the waters and Gary looked like he had the early symptoms of hypothermia. Elmer grabbed a flare gun and fired two shots. However, as a ship moved within a hundred yards of the raft, the flare gun was then soaked and would not fire.

Ice was forming on Ross's fur as he huddled close to the three remaining survivors.

"I don't know how long it's been...but I hope they find us soon." Elmer said, shivering uncontrollably. 

"(Ross!)" A  young, yet matured voice called out as a Vaporeon jumped onto the raft.

"(H-hello...m-m-miss.)" Ross said, shivering and chattering his teeth.

"(It's me! Saria! I came to find you!)" She said, pressing her paw to his chest and frowning as she felt how cold he was.

Without another word, she jumped back into the water. "(Ross...if we don't make it, I just want you to know....I love you.)" 

"(I love y-y-you t-o-o-oo Sa-r-r-ria.)" He shivered.

She grabbed onto a rope on the raft with her teeth and started swimming, tugging the life raft towards the Battle Area. The rain was blinding and stung the eyes of Ross and the other survivors. With the dark clouds and rain, no one had a way of telling the time. It felt like an eternity and Saria had to stop constantly as the life raft was tossed about, sending the survivors into the freezing water.

After what seemed like a lifetime, as the sun rose higher in the sky, the freighter Satori was in sight of the life raft. It was 8:37 am.

"Men overboard!" A man shouted as people had a small crane on the ship lower and hook onto the rope around the raft. Saria jumped into the raft as it was raised onto the other ship. They were immediately handed cups of coffee and wrapped up in thick blankets and taken into the ship and put onto beds.

"We're out of the water..." Gary said as the others smiled. Without warning, Gary closed his eyes and let out a shuddering breath, and stopped breathing.

"We're losing him!" A crewman of the Satori yelled out, starting to perform CPR. After a few minutes, the stopped and looked at the man with sorrow-filled eyes.

"Radio the authorities. We've recovered 2 surviving humans, a Raichu and Veporeon, and one crewman who passed on soon after rescue.

" did this happen?" Another said, gazing at Elmer and Frank.

"He'll be weak for a while, but we are very sure he'll make a full recovery...but he might experience some mental trauma from the ordeal." Nurse Joy said, having put Ross in her care at the Battle Area Pokemon Center after the Satori docked there. Elesa let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Where's Saria?" She said, glancing around.

"Your Vaporeon? She is staying next to your Raichu. I couldn't get her to move to be honest." Nurse Joy said, and Elesa looked through the window to see her Vaporeon and Raichu curled up under a thick, warm blanket. 

"(I love you!)" Saria said, cuddling up closer to the Raichu as he warmed up.

"(I love you too.)" Ross said, his eyes drooping from exhaustion. 

"(If only you hadn't been so nervous about ruining our friendship. This could have been avoided. That Napoleon...He'll get a taste of my Aurora Beam attack next time I see him!)" She said, smiling gently.

"(But what about you? You would have loved being a Leafeon; being closer to nature.)" Ross said, rubbing her paw.

"( could argue that in a way, I am closer to nature; even if it is water.)" She said, fluttering her eyelashes, "(And I'm sure you'll going back into the water.)" She finished with a purr.

"(Well this will be an interesting story...)" Ross said.

"(For our children.)" She said, gazing into his eyes.

Story end!

I used the actual names of the crewmen that appeared. The ones who did not survive are listed below. A plus denotes those whose bodies were never found.

  • Carl R. Bartell, 25; Third Mate
  • John L. Bauers, 30; First Assistant Engineer †
  • Douglas J. Bellmore, 34, Onaway, Michigan; Porter †
  • Duane W. Berg, 25; Deckhand †
  • Alfred F. Boehmer, 32; Second Assistant Engineer
  • Richard J. Book, 26, Portsmouth, Iowa; Deckwatch
  • Roland O. Bryan, 52, Loudonville, New York; Master †
  • Alva H. Budnick, 26; Watchman
  • Raymond G. Buehler, 59, Lakewood, Ohio; Chief Engineer †
  • William T. Elliott, 26; Repairman
  • Clyde M. Enos, 30; Cheboygan, Michigan; Stokerman †
  • Erhardt O. Felax, 47; Stokerman
  • John F. Fogelsonger, 31, St. Ignace, Michigan; Second Mate †
  • Cleland E. Gager, 30, Onaway, Michigan; Oiler
  • Paul A. Greengtski, 23, Posen, Michigan; Watchman †
  • Paul C. Heller, 45; Stokerman
  • Paul R. Horn, 21; Oiler
  • Dennis M. Joppich, 19; Wiper †
  • Raymond J. Kowalski, 31; Wheelsman
  • Joseph Krawczak, 35; Wheelsman
  • Floyd A. MacDougall, 26; Oiler †
  • Dennis B. Meredith, 25; Metz Township, Michigan; Deckhand †
  • Melville W. Orr, 35; Watchman †
  • Alfred G. Pilarski, 30; Second Cook
  • Gary N. Price, 21, Onaway, Michigan; Deckhand
  • Leo J. Promo, Jr., 21; Asst. Conveyorman
  • Bernard J. Schefke, 19; Porter
  • Keith H. Schuler, 34; Third Assistant Engineer †
  • James L. Selke, 18; Porter †
  • Gary L. Strzelecki, 21; Deckwatch
  • Earl P. Tulgetske, Jr., 30, Wheelsman †
  • Edward N. Vallee, 49; Conveyorman
  • John Zoho, 63; Clairton, Pennsylvania; Steward
I leave you with a song I found.

And I leave you, if you want to see it, the very FIRST documentary I saw about the Fitzgerald. Mind you...this did come out in the 90s...the quality isn't as good as later ones.

Random Doom What if 3: Unsinkable
An idea that popped in my head researching Great Lakes history...and well, training my Vaporeon (Superia: Female) in Alpha Sapphire.
Well I planned to update "Naruto Doom" quicker than I am currently. Right now, I was just injured slightly while Volunteering.

I was helping move tables on a stand when they suddenly shifted going around a corner and fell onto my left hand, trapping my hand between the handle of the stand and the row of approximately 7 tables.

My hand is a little sore and will definitely be bruised.
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Recaps:  (Will occur every three chapters. I'm doing this to help keep track of what happened already.)

An untold amount of time after their deaths, a mysterious figure named Otsutsuki Hagoromo uses a technique called the "Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life" to reincarnate Ross, Saria, Elisa, Vincent, Veruka, Scratch, Sibelius, Napoleon, Cotton, Matthew, and Elizabeth as humans in his home world to help prevent it from being destroyed. Ironically, Husband-and-Wife Ross and Saria are reincarnated to families who are bitter rivals/enemies to each other; Uchiha and Senju respectively.

Chapter 1: Ross/Rosu and Saria are six, and Scratch/Surikizu is three. We are shown the genius of the Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Itachi; who is Ross/Rosu's idol. He vows to always be there for Rosu, even if only as an obstacle. Rosu is shown to like Inari-zushi (
Fried tofu packet stuffed with sushi rice) and foods with apples and berries, while Surikizu likes sweets like Mitarashi Dango (rice dumplings) and Mizuame (liquid sugar candy).

The next day, Surikizu and Rosu stay with Saria until after nightfall. Rosu goes to get his dad to bring Surikizu home; but finds the entire Uchiha Clan massacred by Itachi. Itachi then tortures Rosu with the genjutsu (illusion art) Tsukuyomi (Moon Reader) forcing him to witness the massacre repeatedly for 72 hours in mere seconds. Itachi shows Rosu the Mangekyo Sharingan and tells him how to gain the Mangekyo after the trauma activates Rosu's Sharingan. Rosu vows to not stoop to Itachi's level and wonders why Itachi is crying before blacking out. Rosu is shown having dreams of being a Raichu. For the first time since their reincarnation, Ross/Rosu and Elisa/Erisa meet up.

Chapter 2: Rosu meets up with Surikizu for the first time since the Uchiha Massacre (over a week). Rosu gets "The Talk" from Saria's dad and we found out Erisa created a technique called "Lightning Release: Thunderbolt" (presumably after the attack in the Pokemon series). Kakashi of the Sharingan instructs Rosu on the abilities of the Sharingan. Kakashi is shown to have a Mangekyo Sharingan; obtained when his teammate threw herself in front of his attack. Erisa speaks to Kakashi about teaching Rosu when he graduates from the academy, with Kakashi stepping in when she is away on a mission. (This is ironic due to the fact that Elisa was Ross's trainer in their past life.)












Somewhere in Mizu no Kuni
(Land of Water).....

Theme: Lavender Town

Men with gray vests and the masks of Kirigakure's (Village Hidden in the Mist's) Hunter ninja Corps fell as they impaled themselves with their own katanas.

"Heh. Weak. I expected more from Kirigakure's 'elite' ninjas." a vaguely human-shaped body of water between the two ninjas said before it solidified into a man with white hair slicked backwards and orange eyes. He was wearing a tan shirt with long dark tan pants. His arms had orange and brown camouflage arm warmers on it. He wore a belt that had orange water canteens all across it.

"And that's what you get for messing with Hozuki Naporeon! (Hozuki Napoleon)" He said, brushing off his shoulder. 

On the trees, five more Hunter Ninjas jumped down.

"Ha! That's more like it! Maybe you guys would fight better than the last two!" Naporeon said, brandishing a kunai.

"That won't be necessary." An elegant voice echoed from behind Naporeon in the mist, shocking both the Hunter Ninja and Naporeon. He turned to face a tall man with red eyes and dark blue hair in a fancy dark-blue button-up shirt with a white shirt beneath it. He wore dark blue pants with toe-less sandals. There was a strap with a bundle on it wrapped in sports tape. From the tape, a giant needle-like handle protruded with metal ninja wire tied to it going back into the bundle.The hitai-ate with the Kiri Symbol had a slash going through it, signifying he had gone rouge.

Behind him was a young boy with black hair and blue eyes in a light-blue shirt and gray shorts. The boy had red toe-less sandals on his feet. Around the boy's neck was a green bow-tie. 

"Nuibari no Mashu!" (Matthew of the Sewing Needle). A Hunter Ninja exclaimed as more drew their katanas. 

"I won't even need the Nuibari to deal with you." Mashu said, "After you Kirigakure ninja killed my wife, my brother, and sister-in-law, I feel it is up to me to bring you to justice." With that he put his hands in two different positions, both with the index and middle fingers extended. 

"Close your eyes nephew." Mashu said, and the boy closed his eyes. "Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu." With that, everything was covered in a thick mist impossible to see through.

After a few seconds, there were screams and Mashu emerged with a bloody kunai. 

"Whoa. I hurt people for a living...but that was over quick!" Naporeon said.

"Good. Now come with me. I was going to drop off my nephew in Konohagakure and try to find asylum there." Mashu said, "They have the most bloodline users there. Normally I would have just left you behind....but...I do think another pair of eyes to watch Shiberiusu would be beneficial."

"But I'm gonna be a pirate! Pirates don't need bodyguards!" Shiberiusu complained. 

"No buts Shiberiusu." Mashu said, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes Uncle...." The boy groaned.

"Now..." Mashu said, looking at Naporeon; shadows covering his eyes, "Do we have an accord?"

"Tch." Napoleon groaned, but didn't make any arguments. Mashu was one of the Seven Shinobi Swordsman of the Mist; replacing the deceased Kuriarare Kushimaru. Mashu was known to be as ruthless as Kushimaru in battle. 

It honestly was hard to match the ruthlessness and cruelty of Kushimaru; a man who honestly enjoyed killing to the point he killed his own sensei (teacher) and had earned the moniker of one of the "Heartless Duo". 

Honestly...Mashu scared Naporeon; to the point where he didn't want to get on the swordsman's bad side.


For the first time since the Uchiha Massacre, Uchiha Rosu stood in front of the shinobi academy of Konohagakure. Other students his age had stopped and stared at him. 

"Isn't he one of the only survivors?" A boy whispered to another.

"Losing his entire family in one night. That's harsh." 

"He's cute!" A girl swooned, and much to his shock Saria actually glared at the girl; making her step back in shock. 

Saria grabbed his hand in her own, and led him away from the crowd to the building. "An Uchiha and Senju....together?" The girl Saria glared at said watching them, making the others stare at him.

"Just ignore them." Saria said quietly as Rosu stared forward. 

"Tch...I don't want pity." Rosu said.

"Hey! Who do you think you are?!" A boy yelled out, making Rosu turn to him. Behind him was that very Uzumaki Naruto, who was pointing at him. "Forgetting who I was! That's not cool! Dattebayo (Ya' Know)!" 

"Naruto..." Rosu said, shocked. While everyone else besides Saria seemed to be walking on eggshells around him, this boy didn't care about that; he was more concerned with the fact Rosu had forgotten about him. 

"Sorry about that...I...had a rough time." Rosu said, and Naruto stopped glaring, confused at the fact Rosu had actually apologized instead of brushing him off.

"Rosu? Are you serious?" Saria said.

"This guy is treating me like nothing happened while everyone is treating me like I'm made of glass." Rosu said, "I'd rather be friends with someone who treats me like a person that someone to be protected."

Saria blinked and looked thoughtful for a few moments before she smiled and tightened her grip on Rosu's hand. 

"Eh...what?" Naruto asked, closing his eyes and scrunching his face in confusion. 

" you want train with us after school?" Rosu asked, and he heard other people mutter in shock. 

Naruto opened his eyes and stared at them before giving a huge grin. "Sure! We'll improve for sure! Dattebayo!" 

Rosu gave a small smile as Saria squeezed his hand. "I'm Uchiha Rosu." 

"Senju Saria." She said, refusing to let go of Rosu's hand. 

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! The Next Hokage! Dattebayo!" The boy said with a huge smile. 

"And we're going to be late for class!" Saria said, glancing at a clock. She then tugged Rosu into the classroom with Naruto moving after them. She placed Rosu at the edge of a row towards the back overlooking a window to his left and sat next to him.  Naruto sat at the end of the three-person table towards the walkway and watched as people filled in.

"So....did you have any ideas for techniques?" Rosu asked Saria. 

"Yes!" she said cheerfully, finally taking her hand from his own. "Wood Release: Leaf Shuriken where I grow a small tree and fire razor-sharp leaves at the enemy (based on the Pokemon move Razor Leaf; which Leafeon can learn). Wood Release: Leaf Blade where I grow a giant leaf as sharp and strong as steel that is used as a sword, Genjutsu: Grass whistle where I use a genjutsu of a relaxing melody being played on grass or leaf to put someone to sleep. Finally, Wood Release: Synthesis, which is where I would grow plants imbued with medical chakra to help heal wounds....if I knew how to use healing techniques..." Saria started grumbling to herself about that fact.

For some reason, Rosu saw the fox-like creature with leaves for her ears and tail from his dreams surround herself in a green glow to heal herself when Saria said the last technique idea.

"Well? What about you?" Saria asked, smiling at him.

"Yeah. For some reason, I keep getting ideas for Lightning Release." Rosu said, "Lightning Release: Static where I let out a small electrical field that could paralyze the enemy. Also, Lightning Release: Volt Tackle where I surround myself in electricity and throw myself into the enemy to damage and stun them. Now...if we only knew why we have dreams of these strange creatures." 

A chair scraping the ground behind him made him tense up and look around. Behind him sat a girl with green eyes and pink hair with a red dress and hairband. 

"Sakura..." Naruto said with a small blush on his cheeks.

"Hi Rosu! Saria.....Naruto?" Sakura said, looking in confusion at the trio. Naruto was known to be shunned by adults and other children, so seeing him with the two most-popular students was a bit of a shock.

Saria latched onto Rosu's arm and gave the other student a dirty look, making Rosu scratch his head in embarrassment. As he did this, Rosu did not see Saria mouthing the words "He's mine" to the other girl.

"Okay everyone, eyes front!" A Chunin shouted which made all of the children look at him. "Alright class. We've got Rosu back from his stay at the hospital so make sure he feels welcome. Now, we will be learning about the Second Shinobi World War this session."

Rosu took out some paper and a pen and started writing, as did Saria. 

"This war started about 20 years after the First Shinobi World War. Much of the battles were Konohagakure and Sunagakure (Village Hidden in the Sand) against Amegakure (Village Hidden by Rain) and Iwagakure (Village Hidden by the Rocks)." The Chunin started to say, writing on the chalkboard.

Theme: Haruka Kanata (Far Away)

At the end of the day, Rosu, Saria, and Naruto ran out to a nearby training ground. Rosu got into a fighting stance with one fist pointed outwards with another near his chest while Naruto raised both of his fists.

"Aren't you both forgetting something?" Saria said with a small amused smile. 

"Huh?" Both boys said simultaneously.

Saria rolled her eyes and said "The Seal of Confrontation."

"Oh!" Both boys uttered and raised their right index and middle fingers near their faces.

With a growling roar, Naruto charged forward, rearing a fist back.  Without even activating the Sharingan, Rosu ducked underneath the punch and slammed his left fist into the other boy's stomach, sending him flying back a short distance.

"You're leaving yourself wide open." Rosu said, getting back into his stance. 

"Tch." Naruto grunted, pushing himself back up to his feet, and charged forward once again. 

Rosu just jumped to the side and lashed out with his foot, catching the blonde boy in the ribs. and sending him flying back. 

As Rosu sighed, Naruto pushed himself up to his feet once again.

"Oi! I'm not done yet!" He roared.

"We're getting nowhere." Saria said, before slamming her hand into the ground and a tree grew wrapped around the blonde.

"What?!" He said, struggling to get free.

Rosu sighed and stretched his right hand out with his index and middle fingers extended. "How about we help with your Taijutsu (Body technique) and Shurikenjutsu (Shuriken technique)."

Naruto blinked at Rosu as Saria retracted the tree back into the ground. 

With a huge smile, the other boy made the same symbol with his hand and they connected their fingers; the Seal of Reconciliation.

With that, a true friendship outside of his brother was developed between Uchiha Rosu and the Kyuubi Jinchuriki; Uzumaki Naruto.

This took a long time to write; and had parts changed multiple times, by things being added or removed. Matthew and Napoleon are shown for the first time since their reincarnation. 
Naruto Doom ch 3. The Academy
Okay. There are no songs on this list I listened to while writing; as it took multiple days to write. I kept getting delayed or having to close down because storms are/were going through the area I was writing in.
(Title means "Elisa of the Thunderbolt")












"ROSU!" A voice called out and in the blink of an eye he found himself in the embrace of Saria. 

"Big brother!" Another voice called out and Surikizu was latched onto Rosu's left side moments later, "Are they really....?" Rosu's little brother asked, unable to finish his sentence.

"Itachi didn't spare anyone else." Rosu said sadly, his Sharingan flaring to life.

"People in my family say that Tobirama realized when an Uchiha experiences a powerful emotional condition with regards to a person precious to them, their brain releases a special form of chakra that affects the optic nerves; transforming the eyes into the Sharingan." Saria said, remembering a fact about the Uchiha's eyes that her Great-Grandfather discovered. 

"So seeing my mom and dad dead....awakened my Sharingan." Rosu said, glancing at Saria's parents in the doorway. 

Like the Uchiha Clan, the Senju clan had dropped in number. In fact, all that was left was Saria, her parents, and Senju Tsunade; granddaughter of the First Hogake, Senju Hashirama. However, Saria's mom was expecting another child sometime that year; while the Uchiha Clan only had two children in the form of Rosu and Surikizu.

"Having fun hanging out with your girlfriend?" Erisa asked with a small smirk. Saria slowly pulled back, blushing as Rosu looked utterly confused.

"What do you mean by 'girlfriend' anyway?" He asked.

"Oh boy. I was hoping his parents gave him 'The Talk' already if they were teaching him their Coming of Age Technique." Saria's dad said, walking over and placing a hand on Rosu's shoulder, "Walk with me and I'll explain what she means." With that the two older males of the group moved into the house.

"So you're the famous Rakurai no Erisa (Elisa of the Thunderbolt), named after your created "Lightning Release: Thunderbolt." 

"That's me." She said proudly, pulling her special heirloom (Thunder Badge) from a pocket of her vest and polishing it, "But who knows, I might ended teaching these kids that technique if they have Lightning Release. I can see it now, Team Erisa! Three Genin under my teachings and command!" With that she stared off into the sky.

"And what of the Sharingan?" Saria's mother asked, "Wouldn't someone like Sharingan no Kakashi (Kakashi of the Sharingan) be better at teaching Rosu now that he has the Sharingan?" 

Kakashi's Theme

"And who says I wouldn't teach him about the Sharingan?" A voice called out and they gazed into the branches of a nearby tree to see a man in his 20s reclining in the branches, reading an orange book with the words "Icha Icha Paraisu" (Make Out Paradise) on the cover. The man had gravity-defying silver hair that spiked up towards the front, a blue face mask pulled up to over his nose, and his hitai-ate (forehead protector) slanted over his left eye. He had long blue pants and long blue sleeved shirt with a red circle with a black spiral in it. He had blue toe-less sandals and am olive green Jonin vest.

"Still reading those books in public, Kakashi?!" Erisa growled out, "What would happen if a young child got curious about it? You know those books are for people 18 or older!" 

Kakashi closed his book and put it into a pouch on his vest. "Eh. You're a little weird for worrying about things like that while you're a Shinobi (ninja)." With that, he jumped down and landed next to Erisa. 

"What'd you say?" Erisa growled out, clenching her fist.

Anything Kakashi was about to say was cut off when Rosu's voice was heard shouting from the house.


"That could have been avoided with..." Kakashi said teasingly, but was cut off when Erisa punched his shoulder.

Rosu was shaking while drinking some tea. He couldn't even look at Saria without blushing. 

"Well that must have been informative." Kakashi said, crouched in an a open window. 

"You do know there are things called 'doors', right?" Erisa said, munching on a cookie.

"Why are you acting so hostile?" Kakashi asked, "We train together all of the time."

"Only because we are the only ones with Lightning Release affinities in Konohagakure." Erisa countered.

"So...Kakashi is going to train me in my Sharingan? How?" Rosu asked.

"Like this." Kakashi said, lifting up his hitai-ate revealing a slash scar going down his left eyelid, and opened his eye; revealing a red eye with three raindrop-shaped markings around the pupil.

"A three-tomoe Sharingan!" Rosu stood up in shock.

"The Uchiha bloodline in a non-Uchiha. How?" Saria asked.

"A gift from a friend before he died." Kakashi said, "Well, are you ready Rosu?" 

"Wait, he's going to train now?" Saria said, "What about rest? Spending time with me...I mean us!" 

At Saria's slip-up, her dad put his face in his hands. "Why did it have to be an Uchiha?" he muttered to himself. Rosu got an irritated expression at his words and huffed, facing away from him as Saria smiled a him.

"It won't be a lot or very intense; just going over the Sharingan's abilities and how to use them." Kakashi said, smiling by closing his eyes with a friendly posture.

"H-hey Rosu. Want to train later? I could teach you the Wild Water Wave." She said, and Rosu looked at her; blushing as he gazed upon her.

"Only if I could teach you the Great Fireball Technique." Rosu, said; making Saria's parents blink in shock.

"Did he offer to trade techniques?" Her mom asked, surprised. 

"You know, maybe he won't be so bad." Her dad said, glancing at Rosu.

"What about me, big brother?" Surikizu asked, pouting.

"How about this. Since I learned it when I was six, when you turn six I'll teach the Great Fireball Technique to you." Rosu said.

"Really?!" The young child asked.

"I'm your big brother. Why would I lie to you?" Rosu asked, ruffling the kid's hair.

"Well, follow me Rosu." Kakashi said, leaping outside from the window he was in. 

"Alright." Rosu said, jumping up into the windowsill and leaping out. 

"Hey Saria. If you marry my big brother, would that mean you would be my big sister?" Surikizu asked, making Saria blush and sigh dreamily.

Erisa chuckled at the interaction. "Maybe the Uchiha and Senju wouldn't have been so bitter of rivals if they interacted more as children. 

At a nearby field, Kakashi stopped to let Rosu catch his breath.

"Well, this is a good as place as any." Kakashi said, opening his Sharingan eye.

"Alright Rosu, activate your Sharingan." Kakashi said, and Rosu's one tomoe Sharingan flared to life in each eye.

"Alright. The Sharingan can basically be broken down into two broad abilities: the Eye of Insight and the Eye of Hypnotism." Kakashi started, "With the Eye of Insight, the user can see chakra, giving it colour in order to distinguish it by its composition and source.Though not as capable in this regard as the Byakugan, it can see chakra through some (but not all) obstructions and detect irregularities in a person's chakra flow, such as those caused by genjutsu influence. The user is granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling them to read lips or mimic something like pencil movements. In combat, this allows them to see fast-moving objects and, once fully developed, offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept. Although a Sharingan user can see these things, they also need the physical ability to actually act on the visual information, So I recommend training to improve speed as well."

With that, Kakashi sat for a few moments, letting Rosu take in what he said.

"That isn't it, is it?" Rosu asked after nearly a minute.

"Exactly." Kakashi said, giving him and 'eye smile'. "The user is able to copy almost any jutsu they see, memorising ninjutsu (ninja arts), genjutsu (illusion arts), and taijutsu (body arts) with near-perfect accuracy. They can then either perform that jutsu or modify it to suit their needs. However, Sharingan users need the requisite abilities before they can mimic a jutsu they have seen, and for that reason they cannot, for example, reproduce kekkei genkai (bloodline) abilities they do not have or nature transformations (elemental affinities) they haven't learned to perform."

"So, let's say someone uses an Earth Release technique in front of me. I couldn't copy it because I haven't learned how to perform Earth Release techniques yet, right?" Rosu asked.

"That's exactly it! You're a quick learner!" Kakashi said, "Now, for the Eye of Hypnotism. The user can perform what is generically called Genjutsu: Sharingan. While there are various manifestations and purposes of the ability, the better known one is to, through eye contact, suggest thoughts and actions to a target, coercing them to divulge information or act in a particular way, potentially without the target's awareness. In extreme cases, the Sharingan user can take complete control of the target's body, forcing them to do exactly as the controller wishes; this control is visually indicated by the Sharingan's design appearing in the target's eye. Multiple targets can be taken control of in this way, though the more divided the user's attention is, the easier it is for targets to escape this control."

"Genjutsu: Sharingan...." Rosu said, "I will have to look up how to use it." 

"Oh? Looking into Genjutsu at your age?" Kakashi asked, "Well there is an interesting way to do so that I like to use. While not an ability per se, the Sharingan user can appear as if they are able to "see the future". First, the user must perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes and possibly their thoughts and words through careful observation. Then, they suggest an action to the opponent such as hand seals for a technique that the opponent and Sharingan user already know and copy that. With these things done, the user can complete the action even before the opponent does, possibly using the Sharingan's genjutsu to confuse or delay them."

Rosu looked at the ground in thought before asking "Have you ever heard of the Mangekyo Sharingan?"

Kakashi's eyes hardened, "How did you know about that?" He asked.

"Itachi had a strange form of the Sharingan he called Mangekyo Sharingan." Rosu said, wincing as the memories of that night surfaced.

"Oh." Kakashi said, as his Sharingan twisted into a strange form resembling a three-pronged pinwheel.

Kakashi's Mangekyo

"You have the Mangekyo too?!" Rosu asked, scrambling back. The words Itachi told him that night of the Uchiha massacre came to Rosu's mind. "Take the life of your best must kill them!" 

"After the teammate who gave me my Sharingan died, my remaining team continued fighting in the war. However, my other teammate was captured by Kirigakure Shinobi and a weapon that would be used to destroy our village was bound to her. I went to recover her....but she threw herself in front of my attack towards a Kirigakure Shinobi to prevent the weapon from harming our village." Kakashi explained, pulling the hitai-ate over his Sharingan. 

"So you didn't purposely kill her." Rosu said, letting out a sigh. "Itachi told me to face him with the Mangekyo...but...I don't want to stoop to his level! I WON'T KILL MY FRIENDS!" 

"Those who break the rules are scum....but those who abandon their comrades are even worse than that." Kakashi said, facing him. "Those were the words that my Uchiha teammate said."

Rosu entered the Senju compound and found Saria sitting on a couch waiting for him.

"Well?" She asked, leaning forward while smiling.

"I learned a lot about what my eyes can do. If you're asking if we can train then yes." Rosu said, as Saria jumped up.

"But afterwards we are spending the rest of the day relaxing. What was that new game you got?" Rosu said.

"Splatoon? Alright...but...I call Orange!" Saria said, running out the door.

"Then I call Blue!" He shouted, running after her.

Erisa stood on the branch watching the two run out and train.

"Well Kakashi?" She asked as Kakashi appeared on a nearby branch.

"He's an interesting young one, that's for sure. He has a lot of potential, but has Obito's beliefs." Kakashi said, pulling out his orange book, making Erisa's eye twitch before she sighed. A good distance she could spot the Kyuubi's Jailor; Uzumaki Naruto working at a training ground, trying and failing to learn some combat techniques from the academy.

"Are you sure you're alright having me lead the Genin team with him in it?" She asked, glancing at the seasoned Shinobi.

"I have a lot of scars from my past that I feel will affect how I train them. It might be better to have a younger Jonin who could connect to them better." Kakashi said, "But I will take over if you are needed elsewhere."

Erisa nodded at that deal. "Alright. Because of Itachi's actions, the academy no longer permits early graduation outside of war. That means he'll be a Genin in 6 years; when he's 12. Plenty of time to prepare."

With that, she leaped off the branch and started hopping across rooftops.

"I'm sure you'll have better luck with the Team....after all, my teammates and Sensei are dead." Kakashi said, staring at the four carvings on the mountain overlooking Konohagakure of the faces of the Four Hokages.
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My hand is a little sore and will definitely be bruised.
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