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Contest:Look at the leaves. by AquaticSun

Well....the first word that comes to mind is..... AMAZING! The poses and angle are nice, coloration is nice as well! In fact, we at the...

Spyro X Ember by WretchedKalamity

First I have to say, nice drawing. The shading is nice and very smooth. While not the most original, the poses are very well done and n...

Ho-oh, the Sacred bird by reika-world

Wow! This is a very nice piece. I've never seen a pose like this for a Ho-Oh before...The only thing I have a problem with is the white...

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Scout by Stallion6
This is my newly adopted cats from H.A.T.S (Humane Animal Treatment Society). He's 1 1/2 years old

He's a domestic shorthair cat, and his name is from his personality. He was scouting around the house. Seriously, I have no idea how he ended up on the third shelf towel rack....
I was out today (Wednesday, September 9th, 2015) in Nethercut Woods; a forest reserve maintained by Central Michigan University, for my Wildlife Biology and Management class. While I did not see a lot of wildlife (a  White-Tailed Deer and an American Toad was all I directly saw), I saw evidence of chipmunks and even the presence of a Coyote! 

We were there around 11am, so that may be why; but the lack of visible wildlife could also be attested to noise.

We had to make noise; there had been a mother Black Bear with cubs spotted in the area.

I do know one thing; you'd definitely take an Eevee there to become a Leafeon! There were tons of mossy rocks! 

Before this chapter starts, I actually found a "Lightning Release: Thunderbolt" on the Naruto Wiki! This wasn't revealed until Part 2 (Shippuden) of the series, so Erisa will get credit as the "creator" in my series.  Lightning Release: Thunderbolt

I do not own Naruto or Random Doom; they are properties of Masashi Kishimoto and the lovely and amazing TamarinFrog respectively. Jenna, thank you for your help during my grieving time with losing Spot (my cat). 

There are also a few techniques I will leave in Japanese. They are:

Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere)

Chidori (Thousand Birds)

Raikiri (Lightning Cutter)

Kamui (Authority of the Gods)

Shinra Tensei (Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God) 

Bansho Ten'in (Heavenly Attraction of All Creation) 

Chibaku Tensei (Heavenly Body Bursting from the Earth)

Character reference: 












Mashu, Shiberiusu, and Naporeon stood in front of the large wooden doors in a stone wall that towered above them.  While the doors were wide open, Naporeon and Mashu were staring in disbelief at the two Chunin sleeping in a visitor hut by the doors.  One was Hagane Kotetsu, a man with spiky black hair in a blue shirt and pants with a Chunin vest over his shirt and some bandages around his head just over his nose and under his eyes.

The other was Kamizuki Izumo.  He also had blue pants and shirt, with the neck of the shirt going up to his chin. His hitai-ate was on a blue bandanna which pushed the brown bangs on his face to the side and covered his right eye, he also wore a Chunin vest.

"Are you serious? These are the gate guards?" Naporeon said, tapping his foot with an unimpressed look on his face.

"Huh?" Izumo said, waking up at the sound of people talking "Whoa! What are Kirigakure missing-nins doing here?!" He shouted, shaking Kotetsu awake. 

"We are seeking asylum." Matthew said, however Naporeon wasn't paying attention to the conversation. Instead he was staring at a young woman around his age with fluffy pink hair that looked somewhat like cotton, with shocking pink eyes. 

"Wow..." Naporeon said, unconsciously slicking back his hair. 

"Uncle, why is the Hozuki primping himself while looking at that lady?" Shiberiusu asked, tugging on Mashu's shirt as the Chunin snickered at Naporeon as he suddenly averted his gaze.

Six years later...

"And that, students, was the life and death of the Yondaime (fourth) Hokage; Namikaze Minato." A Chunin explained to the enraptured 12 year old boys and girls. Namikaze Minato was believed to be a civilian-born ninja; not having arisen from a clan of known ninjas and ended up not only defeating an entire battalion of Iwa ninja in a few seconds during the Third Great Shinobi War, but had sacrificed himself to destroy the Kyuubi no Yoko (Nine-Tailed Fox), the strongest of all the Biju (Tailed Beasts).

Rosu had grown slightly, but was somewhat shorter than the rest of his classmates except for Uzumaki Naruto. His hair was still a dark brown-almost black color and spiky, but it fell just below his shoulder blades and had three bangs sticking up over his forehead. Three prongs stuck up on each side over his ears as well.

Rosu wore a dark brown shirt with a rust-colored vest over it, both bearing the Uchiha Clan symbol on the back. His pants were long brown ANBU styled pants with pockets on each side and a kunai holster on his right thigh, leading to black toe-less sandals. He not only knew the Fire Release: Great Fireball technique (and had taught Surikizu and Saria, as promised, as well as Naruto that technique), but the Water Release: Wild Water Wave, Body Replacement Technique, Transformation technique, Genjutsu: Sharingan, Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique, Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change, Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique and Clone technique. He even gained the second tomoe of his Sharingan, which meant he know had two black raindrop-shaped markings parallel to each other around his pupil when activated. His skills were constantly being honed, but Rosu was painfully shy around large groups of people he didn't know and very alert to sounds around him.

Saria was becoming even more beautiful to Rosu's eyes. Her hair was slightly messy and fell to her shoulders as well. A few bangs jutted out over her forehead and had was tied into a leaf-like shape with green string. She wore a light brown shirt and ANBU style pants that had a kunai holster on her right thigh with a green vest with the Senju Clan symbol on the back. Her toe-less sandals were dark brown, as were the finger-less gloves she had on. Wood Release: Wood Clone was a technique she figured out, as was Water Release: Wild Water Wave, Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall, Transformation Technique, and Body Replacement Technique. She was close to figuring out how to create Genjutsu: Grass whistle and Wood Release: Leaf Blade. Saria did have a bad habit of scattering things she left lying around often.

Both Rosu and Saria were obsessed with playing Splatoon, making friendly competitions and self-created challenges within the game; as in who took down the most foes, and who covered the biggest area (This would be something I would do if I had a Wii-U and the Splatoon game). Saria also had a habit of "drawing" hearts around Rosu's character in the game.

Saria's younger brother; Senju Kenshin had been born a month after Rosu and Surikizu moved in and, in front of Saria and everyone else, Rosu had vowed to protect and care for him as if he was his own brother. The now six year old boy had brown hair and eyes like his older sister, and idolized Surikizu.  As for Surikizu, he often goofed around with the Kiri-refuge Shiberiusu; playing games such as "ninjas vs pirates". 

Uzumaki Naruto did not change much in appearance, still wearing orange pants and blue toe-less sandals with an orange jacket with blue shoulders that had the Uzumaki Clan symbol on the back, and a white version of the same symbol on his left shoulder. His bright blue eyes were only matched in brightness by his unruly spiky blonde hair and he had three whisker-like markings on each cheek. 

Training with Rosu and Saria had greatly improved his skills now that he had others helping him; even Saria's parents. He had learned the Transformation Techique, Body Replacement Technique, Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, Water Release: Wild Water Wave, and noticing he had too much chakra for the Clone technique, Saria's parents taught him the Shadow Clone Technique. That wasn't the only thing Naruto learned. Like other Uzumaki's, he took like a fish to water when it came to Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques), even awakening the Uzumaki-blood only skill Adamantine Sealing Chains (which he didn't know his mother had known). 

Behind Rosu sat Haruno Sakura; the green-eyed, pink haired civilian-born studen wearing a red Chinese dress with black shorts and blue toe-less sandals. She was the top of the class when it came to grades. To her right sat Yaminaka Ino.

Ino was the daughter of Yaminaka Inoichi; a well known interrogator and strategist. She wore a purple shirt with bandages around her exposed stomach and legs, and a purple combat skirt. Her pupil-less eyes were an aqua blue coloration and she had her platinum blonde hair pulled into a large ponytail. 

Saria hated Ino. Well, she didn't completely hate the girl, but much to Saria's distaste Ino would constantly try to flirt with Rosu because of his good looks. 

To Ino's right near a walkway was Inuzuka Kiba, with the small white puppy Akamaru laying on his head. Kiba wore a baggy gray jacket with fur around the hood which he kept pulled up to hide his brown hair and he had brown pants and blue toe-less sandals. He had two red fang markings; one on each cheek and a feral grin on his face, showing his slightly extended canine teeth. 

Aburame Shino sat perfectly quiet, not much was exposed of the boy with his high collared extra-long gray jacket with baggy sleeves. He even covered his eyes with round sunglasses and his spiky brown hair was short but covered most of his ears.

Akimichi Choji was a round boy with a bandanna around his neck with the kanji for "food" on it. He had a gray shirt and shorts with bandages around his legs leading to his blue sandals, and a green jacket. There were pink swirls on each cheek. He was munching on barbecue-flavored potato chips.

Nara Shikamaru was sleeping on his desk. He wore a fishnet shirt with a gray jacket with the Nara Clan symbol in green on each sleeve and brown pants tucked into his blue sandals. He had his black hair pulled into a spiky ponytail pointed upwards. 

Rosu hadn't bothered learning about the other kids (he quietly remembered that somewhere in this room was a girl named Ami), as they spent more time goofing off than training.

'Something's not right.' Rosu thought, listening to the lecture, 'According to what we learned in the Uchiha Clan, the Biju are made entirely of chakra....and you can't kill chakra. This....the defeat of the Kyuubi is a lie, but then what happened to it?'  

The Chunin stood up and smiled proudly. This was Umino Iruka. Like Shikamaru, he had his brown hair pulled into a spiky ponytail and his tanned skin had a large scar from a blade across his nose to each cheek. 

"Now remember class, tomorrow is our graduation quiz. The techniques that will be on the practical are the Body Replacement, Transformation, and a form of the Clone technique. Be sure to study hard and have a great day!" He said with a hint of pride as his assistant, a Chunin with white hair and dark eyes in a bandanna opened the door.

His assistant's name was Mizuki; a childhood friend of Iruka. 

There was a rush of 12 year old boys and girls to the door as Rosu held his friend Naruto back from joining the rush. Once the doorway cleared, Rosu stood up with Naruto and Saria and headed out the door, catching a dark look aimed at Naruto from Mizuki.

'Why do many people give that awful look to my friend?' Rosu asked himself.

Upon their entrance into the Senju compound, Rosu and Saria looked at each other before going through the dog, boar, and ram hand seals for the Transformation Technique. While the technique would be cancelled when the user was struck (with the exception of a special transformation used by Senju Tsunade, who used a version of the technique to make her look like she was in her 20s or 30s despite being over 50), they had found a form that could be more...permanent until released. They could fall asleep, or even be hurt in that form and it would not cancel until it was released.

A cloud of smoke surrounded Rosu and Saria, and when it cleared two smaller creatures were in their place.

In Rosu's place was a brownish-orange mouse like creature with lower feet similar to a kangaroo rat with a dark brown marking on his toes. Two dark brown stripes were on his back over a black tail that ended in a yellow lightning-bolt shape.  He kept all five fingers on his upper hands, which also had dark-brown markings over them and the fur on his chest was white.  His ears were oddly-shaped and were brown on the outside, yellow on the inside. He had yellow markings on his cheeks and the fur on his head spiked in the front and back of his head. Opening his eyes showed he still had the two-tomoe Sharingan.

In Saria's place was a tan fox-like creature with green leaves for ears and a tail. Her fur was especially fluffy around her cheeks. She also had a leaf on her back and chest, and by each paw, which had a brown marking on each. Her mouth showed a single larger canine.

"(I don't know why, but I feel freer in this form)" Saria said, stretching out. While Rosu could understand her while transformed; any humans would only hear "Leafe On. Leafe Leafeon Le."

"(I agree. No one fretting over the Uchiha Survivor)" Rosu said, and others would hear "Raichu Rai ChuRai Raichu Rai Rai." 

"(C'mon Rosu! Let's play!)" Saria said as both of them bounded towards her room.

The day of the exam was here, and there were kids entering a room on the side after taking a paper quiz and either leaving with a depressed look on their face, or coming out wearing a hitai-ate with a blue cloth. So far Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, Shino, and Sakura had passed. 

"Senju, Saria." Was called out and the girl stood up and flashed a smile at Rosu before going into the room. After an agonizing (for Rosu) 15 minutes nothing happened, then she came out wearing a hitai-ate. Rosu let out a breath he didn't know he held as she sat down next to him. 

A few more students went before he heard Mizuki call out "Uchiha, Rosu." Standing up, Saria grasped his hand and gave it a soft squeeze before letting him go. 

"Alright Rosu, show us the Transformation Technique."  Iruka said and Rosu went through the hand seals and was hidden by a cloud of smoke. 

"How's this?" Rosu said, as he emerged he was someone else. The figure had purple gloves and a blue-high collar shirt and pants with dark blue sandals. He had on red armor that covered his chest and went around his waist and had multiple plates over the shoulder. The figure had dark black eyes with spiky black hair going down to mid-back with bangs covering his right eye. 

Rosu had transformed into his great-grandfather Uchiha Madara, and the sight of the legendary Uchiha made Iruka drop his clipboard. 

"G-good Rosu...end the transformation please." Iruka said before Rosu went back to his normal appearance in a puff of smoke. 

"Now the Body Replacement." Iruka said, picking up a blunted kunai and throwing it at him. When the kunai hit there was a cloud of smoke and a log was in Rosu's place. 

"And finally the Clone Technique." Iruka said and there was a quick blurring as Rosu went through hand seals and ten illusions of him were around him.

"Congratulations Rosu. We finished grading before we started the practical. You've passed both parts of the exam, so go ahead and grab your hitai-ate."  Rosu blinked and a small smile spread across his face.

"Thank you." He said quietly before tying the hitai-ate to his forehead and exiting the room. When he sat down on his desk, Saria immediately pulled him into a hug. 

"Uzumaki, Naruto." With that the blonde-haired boy bounded into the other room. Rosu and Saria stared at the door before a loud "ONE STEP CLOSER TO HOKAGE!" echoed from the room and he came running out wearing the hitai-ate proudly on his forehead. 

"If I hadn't trained and studied with you, I might have failed again. Dattebayo." He said, grinning widely at Rosu and Saria as they bumped fists with him. 

"Say Naruto...could you come here for a moment?" Mizuki said, pulling him aside from his friends as he quietly whispered something to the kid. Rosu narrowed his eyes.

'Something is up....I've got a bad feeling about this.'

"Naruto's stolen the Forbidden Scroll of Seals!" A chunin shouted as they ran around. It was the dead of night and Rosu ran towards a small forest near the gate. Next to him was Iruka and Saria.

"What are you two doing here?" The instructor asked as they moved, hopping through the branches. 

"Earlier today, I saw Mizuki talking to Naruto about something after he passed the exam. I have a feeling my friend is being set up." Rosu said.

"Mizuki?" Iruka asked, blinking in surprise. 

They landed in a small clearing where they found Naruto; clothing all scuffed up and the forbidden scroll containing dangerous Techniques of Konohagakure within it was open.

"I've found you Iruka-Sensei!" Naruto shouted.

"IDIOT! I FOUND YOU!" He shouted, shaking his fist.

"I managed to learn a technique from the scroll, do I get the extra credit now?" Naruto asked.

"Extra credit?" Iruka asked.

"Yeah! That's what Mizuki-Sensei said." Naruto said, rolling up the scroll.

"Naruto, give me the scroll." A slick voice said as Mizuki appeared, with two gigantic Fuma Shuriken on his back.

"Don't give him the scroll! He's a traitor!" Iruka shouted. 

"Iruka-sensei's done a lot for me...he's helped me when others couldn't." Naruto muttered.

"Don't you know why others hate you, Naruto?" Mizuki said, making the Naruto, Rosu, and Saria stiffen.

"Stop! That knowledge is forbidden!" Iruka shouted as he charged at his friend, only to be kicked aside.

"Twelve years ago, the Fourth Hokage couldn't kill the Kyuubi. Instead he sealed it away." Mizuki said, brandishing one of the shuriken. "YOU ARE THE KYUUBI NO YOKO! DIE DEMON FOX!" He shouted, throwing the shuriken at the boy who was too stunned by the revelation to move. 

In a blur of movement, Iruka threw himself forward in front of Naruto, a point of the shuriken piercing the vest and stabbing into his back.

"Why bother protecting him? You hate the fox as much as I do." Mizuki sneered.

"You're right...But Naruto...he is not the fox...He excellent student and a shinobi of the leaf. He may not be the hardest worker… and he is clumsy and no one accepts him… but he already knows what it is to feel pain inside your heart. He is...Uzumaki Naruto." He gasped out before collapsing. 

Naruto stood up, eyes icy. "You tricked me and hurt Iruka-Sensei. I'll show you the technique I learned in this scroll. SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE!" 

"Bring it on Demon Fox!" Mizuki shouted.

"Fire Release: Pheonix Flower Technique." Was shouted as a barrage of bowling-ball sized fireballs flew at Mizuki who hopped out the way into the Shadow Clones. Rosu jumped in front of Naruto after he had launched the technique. 

"Now!" Naruto said, making a few hand seals "Great Clone Explosion!" And with that, the clones exploded, sending the traitor flying into a tree unconscious with burn marks. 

"Y-you don't hate me....for having the you?" Naruto said, avoiding eye contact while gripping his stomach.

"Not a problem. It means you're stonger than you look for dealing with it everyday." Saria said, as Rosu gave bumped fists with him. 

"A very wise thought, one that many unfortunately many do not think of." An aged voice said as the Third Hokage (Sarutobi Hiruzen) walked forward with two ANBU; one with each side of him. The three genin stiffened, gazing back to the Forbidden Scroll of Seals.

"Lord Hokage..." Rosu started but was stopped when Hiruzen held up a hand with a small smile on his face. 

"I arrived in time to hear who the true culprit behind the theft was. There is no reason to punish a Shinobi for following the orders of a superior officer." He said as an ANBU grabbed the unconscious Mizuki. 

"I will have him sent to interrogation." The ANBU stated in a monotone voice before vanishing with the traitor. 

"You two are wise beyond your years." Hiruzen said, "And since young Naruto there managed to learn the Great Clone Explosionl I believe there is no harm in letting you write down a technique, as there is a signature technique of Rosu's grandfather-a Fire Release one, and one of Saria's Great-Uncle; a Wood Release technique." He said, smiling at their excitement as they gazed upon the techniques, scrolling down until they came upon what he was talking about.

Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. Created by Uchiha Madara.

Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees. Created by Senju Hashirama.

Writing down the information, they placed their pieces of paper in their pocket as Naruto rolled up the scroll. 

"I believe it's time for you all to return to your homes. I'll clear everything up." Hiruzen said. 

"Lord Hokage? How?" Saria asked.

With a small chuckle, he said "Congratulations on being the first newly-graduated Genin to complete a B-Ranked mission." 

Ninja Missions and Techniques were divided into classes sorted by letter. E-Ranks were only given to academy-taught techniques: the Clone Technique, Body Replacement, and Transformation Technique.  D-Ranked techniques were slightly more powerful, but the missions were little more than chores. The higher rank the technique, the more power and destruction (and chakra usage, usually) used.

C-Ranked missions were for experienced Genin Teams and Chunin. B-Ranked missions were for powerful Chunin and Jonin. A-Ranked techniques were usually reserved for Jonin. Then, there was the highest rank. S-Rank.

This was the rating given to the most powerful ninjas. In fact, the minimum payment for an S-Rank mission was 1,000,000 ryo. Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama (Saria's great-grandfather and Hashirama's brother), Uchiha Madara, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Namikaze Minato, Uchiha Itachi, Orochimaru of the Sanin from Konoha were S-Ranked ninjas. Hoshigaki Kisame from Kiri, Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sands) from Suna, Deidara the mad bomber from Iwa were also S-Ranked.

To have a B-Ranked mission right after graduation was unheard of.

The next day the new Genin entered the academy for the last time, filing into their classroom. Iruka stood in the middle, bandaged up around his chest and back. The Genin paid no attention to him.

"Alright class." He started to say, but his voice was not heard over the conversations of his students. 

His eye twitched and he took a deep breath. "SHUT UP AND PAY ATTENTION!" He shouted, making everyone jump and sit quietly while looking at him. 

"Today, you sit not as students, but full fledged Shinobi. You will be divided up into teams of three under a Jonin instructor who will guide you with your training and missions. Go forth with the Will of Fire burning brightly." He said, picking up some notes. "Team 1 is..."

Rosu groaned, laying down his head while wishing he could transform into what he called the "lightning mouse" and run around with Saria transformed as the "leaf fox". 

"Team 7 is Uzumaki Naruto." Rosu picked up his head hearing his friend's name. "Haruno Sakura." Rosu nodded, while Naruto graduated; it was with the lowest grades, so they put the Kunoichi with the highest grades on the team. "And Uchiha Rosu. Your sensei is Erisa." Rosu nodded his head idly before he realized one thing.

He wasn't on Saria's team!

"Team 8 is Senju Saria, Inuzuka Kiba, and  Aburame Shino. Your sensei is Yuhi Kurenai." Iruka called out, and Saria dug her fingernails into the desk in frustration.

"Team 9 is..." Whoever was called out was not heard by Rosu or Saria as they repeatedly banged their heads onto their desk in frustration. 

"Team 10 is Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji, and Yaminaka Ino. Your sensei is Sarutobi Asuma." Iruka said.

Upon finishing the list, a woman in a white and red dress with a black thorn pattern entered. She had long black hair and crimson eyes. With her was a man in blue pants and shirt with an olive green Jonin vest with a sash around his waist with the kanji for "Fire" in red. He ha spike short spiky black hair that went down to a short beard. He had a lit cigarette in his mouth.

"Team 10 is with me." Asuma spoke, letting out a puff of smoke from the cigarette.

"Team 8 is with me." Kurenai spoke, her voice elegant and refined.

Saria stood up and paused before walking over to Sakura and grasped the other girl's right hand in her own.

"Listen. I've known Ross since we were little kids, and I know that many think he's handsome....however..." With this, a dark look crossed Saria's face. " mine." She finished, quietly growling out the last word.

"If I find out about you even flirting with Rosu..." At this, Saria painfully squeezed Sakura's hand, "You are plant food....understood?

"Y-yes!" Sakura squeaked out.

"Good!" Saria said, releasing Sakura's hand with a cheerful grin on her face, "I'm sure we'll be good friends!" 

With that, Saria calmly walked with her team to her sensei after wishing Rosu luck.

"She's scary." Sakura said, shivering.

"Team 7?" A voice familiar to Ross said and he looked up to see a young woman with auburn hair swept to the left and brown eyes. She had brown sandals and green pants with a brown shirt and olive green Jonin vest.

With a mischievous grin, she said "Meet me on the roof." And promptly vanished in a cloud of smoke. 
Naruto Doom ch 4: Graduation
This took me a while. 

Thanks for the time....I needed to grieve for my cat.
Today, my oldest cat, Spot, died.

To learn more about her, I just submitted a photo of her when she was younger and the story of what happened is in the artist's comments.
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Spot Cat (R.I.P.) by Stallion6
Spot Cat (R.I.P.)
This is an old picture of my cat, Spot on a bed of a family friend who watched her when we had to go out-of-state.

She was with me during my college years and was somewhere between 17 1/2 or 18 years of age.

Three to four days ago, she started refusing to eat or drink, just laying around lethargically. My mom came up and we tried everything to get food and water into her, but she just kept refusing.  A week ago, she was full of energy and eating more than I've ever seen her eat; so this was worrying to see.

We tried getting her to the vet, but as labor day weekend approached they were busy or closing around 5pm. We took her home (labor day weekend, no school monday) and scheduled a vet visit around  11:30am today. We wrapped her in a blanket and got into the car and started.

Before we even got out of the driveway, Spot had a sudden seizure and died  right there.

She is buried in the backyard, and we are getting a purple mum to mark her grave.
Today, my oldest cat, Spot, died.

To learn more about her, I just submitted a photo of her when she was younger and the story of what happened is in the artist's comments.
  • Mood: Tearful
  • Listening to: music
  • Reading: Sonic comics
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire!
  • Eating: food
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